Nov. 3rd, 2015 11:40 pm
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Name ??? // Janine Farehouse
Age Actual age is 14, apparent age is impossible to tell.
Team Sterling

Height/Build 7'' at the shoulder, ~12'' with head raised. Lean muscle over long limbs.
Hair Color/Eye Color Pyncofibers are mostly red, some are black or tan, limbs are gray-blue, wing membranes blue. Red-orange eyes.
Notable Traits Quetzalcoatlus.

When she speaks she usually makes quiet pterosaur noises - caws, grunting, clicks, screeches etc - while also projecting her "voice" telepathically. If you're immune to psychics you'll have trouble talking to her!

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Thread tracker for Aather!


Nov. 3rd, 2014 11:57 pm
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Cleaning-and-straightening skills
Artistic skills
Penetrating Stare

Having A Human Body

Pterosaur-Form Dependent
Flight, potentially with a passenger - this game, 11/6
Carving stone with claws
Climbing up and down cliffs

Time-Traveller Powers
Telepathic Speech - Starting Skill
Telepathic Sound Playback
Psychic Empathy
Sensing Temporal Anomalies
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Significant Positive
Human - Flying kites with father
Human - Graffiti, soap in the fountain
Everyone but her just freaks out about being dinosaurs - This game, 12/18
Bertram, eat something!
Learning to fly
At home flying in the Cretaceous
Difficulties in the Cretaceous
Reunion with the boys and Loki
Carving the Standing Stones
Human - Meetup, home videos, good changes

Significant Negative
Human - Father died overseas, be strong for mother
Human - First day at a new school
Human - Best friend betrayal
Fight with Candayce, Leptomaniac abduction
The others need her to come back
Struck by lightning, Loki leaves!
There are no Standing Stones but they're going there anyway

Significant Neutral
Human - Science fair goes wrong
Falling into the sea
Message from the future
Save Candayce from the Triceratops!
The Standing Stones aren't there!
MIND Machine appears, grabbed by Moriarty
She does not belong here after all

Trivial Neutral
Human - Ridiculous relatives
Human - Rainy days are good because people are too miserable to pay attention to her
Bertram talks endlessly about the Cretaceous
Loki trolls everything
Save the Triceratops eggs
Reluctant guide - Starting Memory
Ow we are all alive but the MIND Machine is fading!

Trivial Positive
Human - Grabbing the wheel and avoiding a collision
Fishing with Mike, the first time
Making a keychain and Candayce's bikini
Loki is following, Candayce fears her
Mike is cheerful
I-Spy with Candayce
Fishing with Mike part 2, flash flood
Graffiti on Bertram
Human - Home time again
Human - Helping some punk kid

Trivial Negative
Human - Conversations with mother
Human - Pariah
Meeting Moriarty, where to go now
Silence is terrible
The Standing Stones are close


Oct. 21st, 2014 11:13 pm
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How am I doing?  If you have any criticisms, advice, or questions about how I play a time-travelling adolescent vandal in the body of a huge flying reptile with psychic powers - I love a world that lets me type sentences like that - let me know.

Comments are screened.
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Janine lives on a tiny island some distance north of the Observatory. Taking roads overland, it's about fifteen miles away. As the pterosaur flies it's... less, but I have no idea how much so.

The island is around three hundred feet from shore, and it's about a hundred feet by a hundred fifty feet. Mostly rock, but some vegetation hangs on, including bamboo. There's a messy nest of pulled up grass things, and some attempt at shelter. She's picked all the trash off of it and done things like arrange and paint the rocks.

None of these are quite it, but for the idea:
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Janine had a message sent to the other three Teens That Time Forgot. Since the wishing thing there is all skewed, it might have gone to the wrong people, or wrong time, or it was unintelligible or something. She doesn't know.

This is for Bertram Philips, Mike Peterefsky, and Candayce Chambers. It's Janine.

So yeah. You know the score. I don't care about the what or how or why. You have no idea what I've been through, but it is what it is. There's good days, bad ones, and sometimes something completely surprising happens. I'm surviving. Glad you haven't been here, I guess, and I do mean it nicely. You wouldn't like it, you don't belong here. I'm not unhappy now.

So I don't know if this even actually gets to you. This had better be a few years after the accident, and I hope Y2K didn't get you. But guys...

Take care of her.
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Some appearance details that can't really be seen on icons.
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Permissions for Janine at [community profile] distantskies.

Janine is psychic, but it's projecting-psychic, not receiving. She can't read minds and her powers are how she communicates. In canon she's only shown speaking to people and animals with a similar talent.

If your character is well and truly immune to psychic things, or if you'd just like her power not to work on them, please tell me. It will mean she can only talk to them through her daemon, Rontu-Aru. Or the PHP, though she's big enough that she has to get him to hit most of the buttons, anyway.

It is not a psychic skill, but Janine is observant and has an uncanny ability to pick up on subtle details about people, their emotions, if they're lying, and how they feel about each other just by watching. Of course, it's been about four years since she had people to use it on, so it's bound to be rusty. If you have anything about a character that Janine might pick up from looking at them, or if you'd rather she couldn't tell, I'd like to know.

Finally, she can sense other time travelers and time-travel-tastic items. If your character is or has such a thing, please tell me!
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Just for size comparison purposes.  Janine doesn't look quite like either; coloration and head shape are different, and her neck has un-azhdarchian flexibility.  Think of one of Dinotopia's skybaxes, the ones used in the icons, as providing neck flexibility, coloration, and head shape.

Or you can see this version )
For comparison, unmodded (grown adult) one and two.   And for fun, the largest pterosaur we know of.


Dec. 14th, 2011 09:27 pm
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[Just a shot of snow, which would be pristine if she hadn't written on it by dragging a stick through, deeply enough to show dead leaves underneath. The words are visible enough, but it's just this one part which is in frame.]

-nd ran away from:
the old crew
everyone I knew
my own species
my world
and people who n[the rest is cut off.]
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So I got this.

[Her head ducks out of view for a moment - s-chunk! - and there's the tip of her beak on screen. She's impaled the edge of the invite Rose left her on the sharp tip of her lower mandible and now shows it off, holding it still for long enough to let watchers read/recognize it. From the look of it, this isn't the first time she's picked it up by stabbing. There is no expression on the part of that huge face which is visible, wouldn't be even if the whole thing was visible, but she sounds amused.]

Rooftop, huh? Better hope it's reinforced. I should work on my landings. Loki could manage on something that size, but he's been doing this longer than me. [She repositions that head to the usual angle, where not much aside from one eye and one nostril are visible.]

...I can bring a dead fish. Probably should, actually. I have to eat a lot. And-

[She has no facial expression to change, but her translucent inner eyelid slides across to cover that eye, making it seem a little paler.]

Saint Nick... I'd like to be with Loki again. Maybe see the others, just to know -

[Her head moves, raised up out of view.] ...the hell?
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[The device is hanging from the base of Janine's neck. There's a fringe of pale not-hair, which on that part of her body is fluffy and almost cravat-like, hanging over the upper edge of the screen. Most of the rest of her isn't visible, but wing-arms on each side and the underside of a perspective-distorted long beak are coming in and out of view.]

[She's on sand, using a big clawed left wing-hand to drag large flat shells and bleached white sand dollars out in front of her, extending her beak to pierce each with a pock! and, more often than not, a crack! as it breaks. Then, if it's intact she scoots it out of view across the sand with her beak; if not, she uses a big clawed right wing-hand to drag the pieces away and, after a pause, there's the left again.]

[Meanwhile, she's projecting a certain song. It's not quite a recording; there's the instrumental fine, but the words are a little off, and the singer sounds similar to but not exactly like Phil Harris.]

*pock-crack!* Now give me the secret man-cub! *pock!* I made a deal with you! *pock-crack!*

Come on *pock-crack!* clue me, what you'd do *pock-crack!* show me the powah, of man's red flowah- *pock-crack!

[There's a frustrated caw.]
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[The device is attached to the trunk of a tree. An enormous beaky head swings into view, one red eye looking into the screen. The beak opens and emits a series of hoarse caws and croaks. A girl's voice sounds at the same time, only vaguely in synch with the beak's movements.]

Testing. Test-ing. Okay, you either work or you don't.

The hell is this? There's a city over there. There are humans in it. Practically everyone on this network thing is human! That... should not be possible. Is this more time travel?

Oh, God, this is more time travel, isn't it. [Her head moves away from the device as she calls out. A shriek emits from her throat.] Philips, Peterefsky! Chambers! Where are you guys? Where's Loki, what happened with Moriarty?

...What is that sound?!
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Exactly what it says on the subject line. )

If you don't want your character affected by any or all of these save telepathy, please comment. I don't mind!


Nov. 11th, 2011 03:36 pm
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ES folks, I'm going to end up using this journal for other games. Just a heads-up. Thanks!


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