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Significant Positive
Human - Flying kites with father
Human - Graffiti, soap in the fountain
Everyone but her just freaks out about being dinosaurs - This game, 12/18
Bertram, eat something!
Learning to fly
At home flying in the Cretaceous
Difficulties in the Cretaceous
Reunion with the boys and Loki
Carving the Standing Stones
Human - Meetup, home videos, good changes

Significant Negative
Human - Father died overseas, be strong for mother
Human - First day at a new school
Human - Best friend betrayal
Fight with Candayce, Leptomaniac abduction
The others need her to come back
Struck by lightning, Loki leaves!
There are no Standing Stones but they're going there anyway

Significant Neutral
Human - Science fair goes wrong
Falling into the sea
Message from the future
Save Candayce from the Triceratops!
The Standing Stones aren't there!
MIND Machine appears, grabbed by Moriarty
She does not belong here after all

Trivial Neutral
Human - Ridiculous relatives
Human - Rainy days are good because people are too miserable to pay attention to her
Bertram talks endlessly about the Cretaceous
Loki trolls everything
Save the Triceratops eggs
Reluctant guide - Starting Memory
Ow we are all alive but the MIND Machine is fading!

Trivial Positive
Human - Grabbing the wheel and avoiding a collision
Fishing with Mike, the first time
Making a keychain and Candayce's bikini
Loki is following, Candayce fears her
Mike is cheerful
I-Spy with Candayce
Fishing with Mike part 2, flash flood
Graffiti on Bertram
Human - Home time again
Human - Helping some punk kid

Trivial Negative
Human - Conversations with mother
Human - Pariah
Meeting Moriarty, where to go now
Silence is terrible
The Standing Stones are close


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