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[Looks like Above's picked up an implement more suited to human hands.  Replies, again, will be with [info]dream_of_flesh .]
I have a stalker.

[LOL, thank you Tobu]

What should I name it?  It doesn't talk.  Just follows me around and looks at me like a dope.  It seems scared of some people, though.

And it's been six days and I'm still human.  If this keeps up... I'll need a job.

[ALSO: at some point, the Simon household will find that someone has left a box on the doorstep labeled "For Simon".  Inside there are five or six pierced moon shells on a knotted cord under a foot long.  Above has disguised her handwriting, but it's still in whatever implement she's using while human.  Hope he doesn't think it's creepy~!]
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[So, late in the morning the following words are reluctantly written though not on a post-it.  The letters are what you'd expect from someone using an ultra-thick marker on a larger-than-normal journal.  It's not quite the same as Above's usual handwriting, but it's markered and in modified all caps, all the same]

I can't fly.

[Replies, when they come, will be from [ profile] dream_of_flesh .]
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The radio opened with the buzz of insects and a couple sets of mismatched footsteps.  One, clumsily bipedal.  The other, a limping quadruped.  Almost immediately there was the whap and crunch of an insect losing to a beak.

"You're disgusting."  The voice belonged to a girl of about thirteen or fourteen.  It had a sort of odd quality to it, and was overlaying a quieter series of grunts, squawks, and chirping noises, with clicks scattered about.

The next voice was Above's, overlaying more cawing and vaguely avian noises than she made these days.  "At least I don't drag vines around with me for miles and floss with them -"

"Maybe you should!"

The Teens Time Forgot, reunited. )

[Dinoverse, pages 204-206, slightly modified. The language geas may or may not do interesting things to 'Quetzalcoatlus', which is based on a god's name which means 'plumed serpent' or 'precious twin', depending. That telepathy may have (mostly) come through, but her responses still won't.  Because I find it funny.]


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