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[Above's been in an unhappy mood and doesn't really want to write. But she hasn't seen anyone else mention it, so...]

Go look at the Wilderness.
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Hey, knight or knights and your crew, whoever you are?

I have to admit, you've done some mean backjumps. Pretty much everywhere people live, you've bombed; I love the dress-ups on the bridges, and that slam in front of the hall of beginnings? Impressive. I guess your tag's the trollface. If I was you and trying to go all-city, I'd try for more throw-ups and a piece or two, a real burner, but hey, I can't handle the cannons. I'm not a writer anymore. [Except that one time in the theater parking lot. And around her nest.]

But now you're slinging my tag around. You're biting my style. That is not on. There's only one garish time traveling psychic anachronism slumming it here, and she's me. Unless there's another, in which case hey, you're awesome, we should hang out.

[She is using graffiti terminology. ...And not being entirely serious, but she is annoyed about seeing her tag a couple times. 'Time traveling' was underlined after a comment from Key. And then she gets ~flashy~. These five letters practically span from one side of the page to the other.]

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[Open to anyone. This is the drowning-dream.]

You’re flying over a dark, heaving sea on long, golden-purple wings.

The sky is gray. You can’t see the sun or any shore, and it’s getting darker, and you’re tiring. There are no thermals here. The air is unnaturally still, no friendly breezes to help you along. You’re beating your wings in a ragged pattern - once, twice, then a few seconds of gliding before you dip too low and flap again.

Cut for length, not rating. )
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[This is pretty close to how I imagine Above's writing is like. Messy, thick-marker stuff, but legible. Though she can fit more letters per line.]

[There's a blot on the paper. She wants to thank the people who watched her glass cocoon, but... Anyway.]

So anyone heard of a nothlit before?  And
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[Looks like Above's picked up an implement more suited to human hands.  Replies, again, will be with [info]dream_of_flesh .]
I have a stalker.

[LOL, thank you Tobu]

What should I name it?  It doesn't talk.  Just follows me around and looks at me like a dope.  It seems scared of some people, though.

And it's been six days and I'm still human.  If this keeps up... I'll need a job.

[ALSO: at some point, the Simon household will find that someone has left a box on the doorstep labeled "For Simon".  Inside there are five or six pierced moon shells on a knotted cord under a foot long.  Above has disguised her handwriting, but it's still in whatever implement she's using while human.  Hope he doesn't think it's creepy~!]
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[So, late in the morning the following words are reluctantly written though not on a post-it.  The letters are what you'd expect from someone using an ultra-thick marker on a larger-than-normal journal.  It's not quite the same as Above's usual handwriting, but it's markered and in modified all caps, all the same]

I can't fly.

[Replies, when they come, will be from [ profile] dream_of_flesh .]
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I can't tell where they're coming from, but there are just more and more and they keep coming.  I've seen at least one on every island and a bunch in housing.  I'm not really happy about flying around there.  There are probably more that I can't see, or that I mistook for living people, because it's barely light out.

So we have zombies.  First things first: panic later.  They don't feel pain or tire, but they don't think, and they can't use tools or run.

[Past this, each paragraph comes after a fresh pause of several minutes.]

If you're inside, don't open the door until you know one's not right outside.  Really, don't.  A house probably won't stay safe forever unless you board up the doors and windows real good, but then you might starve...  Well I saw some people with weapons leading little bands to the elevator.

Go for the head!  Don't bother with pressure points or nut shots.  You have to dismember them or destroy the brain.

I don't know if they look like anyone you know, but even if they do, they're going to try to kill you.  Zombies don't remember their lives.  Don't go easy on one because it looks familiar.  And if you're not inside, keep moving!

If you have to go off the edge of an island, then do it, and jump as far as you can.  They can't jump as far.  I'll catch you when I see you.


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