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[Above's been in an unhappy mood and doesn't really want to write. But she hasn't seen anyone else mention it, so...]

Go look at the Wilderness.
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[It is a memory crystal! As seen here. ...Pretend that it's less obvious how it's been rejiggered in Paint. And that text in the background? Totally what someone was writing on the other side of the page. ...In perfect double-spaced text. Yes.]

[Above's too macro to activate it accidentally. Her fingers are huge.]
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[So, late in the morning the following words are reluctantly written though not on a post-it.  The letters are what you'd expect from someone using an ultra-thick marker on a larger-than-normal journal.  It's not quite the same as Above's usual handwriting, but it's markered and in modified all caps, all the same]

I can't fly.

[Replies, when they come, will be from [ profile] dream_of_flesh .]
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[The writing’s in what looks like marker. She’s got a really fat marker in hand, but since her journal is larger than normal, the script looks like it’s written in a more standard-sized marker, and it’s only a little larger than average. The writing itself is somewhat clumsy and awkward. It would seem to be in all caps except that capital letters are definitely taller than the others.]

So yeah. I’m Above.  I think I had the wrong dream.

[There’s a pause and some blotches. Hard to tell if they’re false starts or pentaps.]

I don't suppose there are any more azhdarchid pterosaurs here?  If you are, you've been hiding very well.  ["azhdarchid" may translate as "dragon", "Pterosaur" may stay or turn into something like "winged finger lizard".]  Apple says I'm the first one he's seen.

This place is crazy.

[She can't think of anything else - she has no idea what she should say - so she puts her tag, the arrowlike shape from her dream.  It's not as symmetrical and crisp as this, but you get the idea.]


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