Oct. 21st, 2014 11:13 pm
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How am I doing?  If you have any criticisms, advice, or questions about how I play a time-travelling adolescent vandal in the body of a huge flying reptile with psychic powers - I love a world that lets me type sentences like that - let me know.

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Just for size comparison purposes.  Janine doesn't look quite like either; coloration and head shape are different, and her neck has un-azhdarchian flexibility.  Think of one of Dinotopia's skybaxes, the ones used in the icons, as providing neck flexibility, coloration, and head shape.

Or you can see this version )
For comparison, unmodded (grown adult) one and two.   And for fun, the largest pterosaur we know of.
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Exactly what it says on the subject line. )

If you don't want your character affected by any or all of these save telepathy, please comment. I don't mind!


Nov. 11th, 2011 03:36 pm
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ES folks, I'm going to end up using this journal for other games. Just a heads-up. Thanks!
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You're lying on your side, paralyzed. You feel cottony, unfocused.

There's someone at the exposed trunk of your body. You're not in any kind of position to see it, but you see it anyway. See him. In the way dreams are, you're him at the same time that you're you. You don't see yourself or him clearly at all.

He has what you know is a scalpel. Those don't usually have circular blades that whine like dentist's drills, but this one does.
A very non-medically-accurate dissection dream.. )
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[Open to anyone. This is the drowning-dream.]

You’re flying over a dark, heaving sea on long, golden-purple wings.

The sky is gray. You can’t see the sun or any shore, and it’s getting darker, and you’re tiring. There are no thermals here. The air is unnaturally still, no friendly breezes to help you along. You’re beating your wings in a ragged pattern - once, twice, then a few seconds of gliding before you dip too low and flap again.

Cut for length, not rating. )
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AU (Alternate Universe) Character Application

Cut for length )


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