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Just for size comparison purposes.  Janine doesn't look quite like either; coloration and head shape are different, and her neck has un-azhdarchian flexibility.  Think of one of Dinotopia's skybaxes, the ones used in the icons, as providing neck flexibility, coloration, and head shape.

Or you can see this version )
For comparison, unmodded (grown adult) one and two.   And for fun, the largest pterosaur we know of.
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So I got this.

[Her head ducks out of view for a moment - s-chunk! - and there's the tip of her beak on screen. She's impaled the edge of the invite Rose left her on the sharp tip of her lower mandible and now shows it off, holding it still for long enough to let watchers read/recognize it. From the look of it, this isn't the first time she's picked it up by stabbing. There is no expression on the part of that huge face which is visible, wouldn't be even if the whole thing was visible, but she sounds amused.]

Rooftop, huh? Better hope it's reinforced. I should work on my landings. Loki could manage on something that size, but he's been doing this longer than me. [She repositions that head to the usual angle, where not much aside from one eye and one nostril are visible.]

...I can bring a dead fish. Probably should, actually. I have to eat a lot. And-

[She has no facial expression to change, but her translucent inner eyelid slides across to cover that eye, making it seem a little paler.]

Saint Nick... I'd like to be with Loki again. Maybe see the others, just to know -

[Her head moves, raised up out of view.] ...the hell?
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[It is a memory crystal! As seen here. ...Pretend that it's less obvious how it's been rejiggered in Paint. And that text in the background? Totally what someone was writing on the other side of the page. ...In perfect double-spaced text. Yes.]

[Above's too macro to activate it accidentally. Her fingers are huge.]
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[This is pretty close to how I imagine Above's writing is like. Messy, thick-marker stuff, but legible. Though she can fit more letters per line.]

[There's a blot on the paper. She wants to thank the people who watched her glass cocoon, but... Anyway.]

So anyone heard of a nothlit before?  And
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Oh my god this is ridiculous.  A Mr. Showmanship costume?  On me?  Really?  Wow.  I'm impressed.  And a little blinding.  You people might want to be careful about looking up.

...I'd kind of like to keep the boots, but I'm not sure I'd be able to put them on.

Well, anyway.  This is hard to sa I can't  

  So I can fit in the elevator.  It's uncomfortable, but I can make it.  Thing is, I can't quite hit the button.  And the people I saw didn't seem terribly willing to squeeze into an elevator full of sequined pterosaur, so...

Anyone feel like hitting it for me?  I'll probably need it on the way back, too.

Liberace!  She knows who that is, vaguely.  ...And she doesn't like asking for help.]


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