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Name:"Horizon" Janine Farehouse
Birthdate:Oct 8
Location:Montana, United States of America

Because scale drawings are useful. The one on the right is a more anatomically correct Quetz - that is, more Wittonesque - though I guess it should be bigger.

Played By various skybaxes from James Gurney's Dinotopia.

Janine Farehouse is a character from Scott Ciencin's Dinoverse, which came out in 1999. She's taken from late in the book - not from when Ciencin split them into I Was a Teenage T. Rex and The Teens Time Forgot; there are minor changes between the versions of the story.

She is a fourteen year old girl in the body of a large pterosaur. She communicates through telepathy and also has empathic powers.

Huge pterosaurs. They're awesome. And not really dinosaurs; it's a common misconception.

(and her one cameo in a later book, post when I'm taking her from.)

Interests (52):

a gigantic beak, air sacs, anatomical improbability, being different, being the pinnacle, betram the ankylosaurus, bodyswaps, candayce the leptoceratops, carving stone, casual empathy, casual telepathy, creating paint from fruit, dinosaurs, dinoverse, display crests, efficient lungs, exploring, fishing, flight, flying, freedom, gliding, graffiti, impractical time travel, keychains, kites, leaving a mark, loki the quetzalcoatlus, losing humanity, making things from shells, mike the tyrannosaurus, nicknames, not being in juvie, not home, not moriarty, not seeming vulnerable, not the popular kids, pride, pterosauria, pycnofibres, running away, sarcasm, shells, tagging, the m.i.n.d. machine, the mesozoic, the sea, time travel, trick memories, useless trivia, weird time travel, wings
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