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Soul Princess Raptor

Soul Princess basics, List of Sailor Senshi attacks.

Costume: Sailor Scout-inspired "sailor suit", mostly in a shade of blue similar to some of Rontu-Aru's feathers. Several-layered lobed skirt and lobed projections around her shoulders evoke feathers. Arm warmers/fingerless gloves go past the elbow, and stiffer and more armorlike dark blue bands, bearing a dark blue/black sickle-claw, cover her forearms. Open-toed stockings go up to mid-thigh, and her calves are covered by a similar armor-y band each.

There's a black choker bearing a silver sickle-claw design around her neck, and a black sickle-claw on her chest, framed with silvery blue featherlike decorations. Janine gets a Sailor Moon-esque tiara across her forehead, with, yes, a sickle.

She retains short-ish red hair on her head and the eye stripes that both she and her daemon bear; the stripes continue into her hairline and become somewhat longer black locks from her temples.

The suit is constructed somewhat like a two-sided apron or a tabard - there's the separate front and back, allowing for her wing membranes, and the ribbon band for the skirt (there's a sickle meant to be at the front) belts it together. The ribbon is tied in a big bow at her back, with trailing extra that is tied together in another bow.

Costume reference here. Also I drew this and this for body reference. Excuse my poor humans-and-skirts-drawing-skills.

Weapon: Soul Princess Sickle.

Has a big curved sickle-claw on one end and a pale pointed toothlike projection on the other. Can be used one-handed or with two, but the shaft isn't very long. Looks pretty ornamental. Despite the name and shape, its cutting edge is narrow but rounded and it makes a poor sickle. The sickle seems to be a crescent moon at first glance, there's a dark blue uncut gem set just under it, and the whole thing is in pleasing shades of blue and silver.

When she transforms into Soul Princess Raptor, Janine derives powers from her daemon Rontu-Aru. These are: an ability to see in lower light conditions. (Janine normally really can't, and actually starts feeling sleepy whenever it's dark.) Greater agility, particularly the ability to use her wings to jump in any direction. And better balance.

Also, as a Soul Princess Janine looks considerably more human, particularly from the front, because otherwise her body doesn't support magical clothes and accessories very well. She does retain enormous wings and the bone structure to support them - she can stand and walk on two legs, but to rest them or move faster she leans forwards a little and moves quadrupedaly - but her head and neck are significantly reduced and rounded, she has bare dark skin, and she has a pair of human-like arms with hands that emerge from somewhat lower than the wing arms.

But while she looks more human, it's largely superficial. She's a pterosaur squashed and modified into looking more human, not a hybrid. Her face is still basically skin stretched over bone padded with some cartilage and fat, she has a severely reduced beak instead of teeth, and no muscles have been added; she can blink her eyes and open and close her mouth, and that's about it; there's an Uncanny Valley effect and she still speaks telepathically. She keeps the same eyes - they look smaller due to her eyelids - and extra eyelids and a tail, and while she's mostly hairless there's still ptero-fuzz on it and her lower back, as well as her head. There are still claws on her feet, and her human hands have slight claws; tiny coarse scales cover her palms, soles, and the pads of her fingers and toes. And she's still huge and heavy, just... a bit less so.

Soul Princess Janine can still fly and with somewhat more precision, and is able to hover briefly, but she can't fly as high or for as far or long, and taking off is more difficult. In general her soul princess form is not something to stay in for more than a few hours at a time; she can't find a comfortable position to sleep, eating or drinking enough to fuel her big quick-burning body is an issue, she'd get kinks in her neck.

Janine doesn't like fighting and is nonviolent in general, so it's unlikely that she'd practice the basics she'd start out with enough to get to intermediate and advanced... still.

Basic (low power, but she can do any number of these):
Soul Sickle Struggle
Janine kind of flails at something with the Soul Princess Sickle. Its sickle-claw is sharp and can cut, but it doesn't really slash. The main function is defensive, something she'd do to get out of close range. Affects one target.

Sonic Cry
Janine holds the Soul Princess Sickle in front of her face and while open-mouthed psychically projects a very loud noise, which may or may not be her voice. Expanding blue ripples emerge from around the sickle and disorient those that they hit. Stronger targets can ignore the disorientation, and this catches their attention and makes them more likely to focus on her. Mid-range, can affect multiple targets.

Raptor Tiara Action
Janine removes her tiara and throws it. It becomes a blue-glowing sickle-claw boomerang thing that spins out, curves in the air, flies back to her, and becomes a tiara again whether or not it's hit a target. Most likely to cause blunt damage on a narrow area, but there's a small chance of it hitting point-first and piercing. Long range, one target.

Intermediate (medium power, she can do two to four per encounter):

Feathery Gale
Janine points the Soul Princess Sickle and beats her wings, and a wind whips up bearing glowy blue feathers that obscure the view, though she can see through them fine. They do minor slicing damage. Multiple targets, mid range.

Pouncing Raptor Strike
Janine either leaps or flies and dives at the target and strikes at it with both feet, then leaps right back off them. The claws on her feet are not impressive, but she's heavy and can land hard, and her legs are strong. One target, any range.

Raptor Claw Rain
Janine removes all seven sickle-claws from her costume and one by one throws them at the target, concluding with her tiara. Each becomes a blue-glowing sickle-claw, like Raptor Tiara Action, but the last one always hits point first. After the attack concludes the lesser sickles reappear on her costume, and her tiara reappears in her hand. Can be multiple targets, long range.

Advanced (very powerful, and she can only do one per battle):

Pretty Raptor Prey Restraint
Janine raises the Soul Princess Sickle, and the seven sickle-claws scattered on her costume all detach and line up along the shaft. She points it, and the claws spiral up into the air and spiral back down much larger and heavier, and points-down pin the target in place for... how long depends on the target.

For maximum effect she lands on the target as if doing Pouncing Raptor Strike and stabs it with the tooth end of the Soul Princess Sickle, which can pierce deeply. The whole time, Feathery Gale is going on. When the target pulls free of the sickle-claws, or Janine gets far enough away, they vanish and reappear normally sized on her costume. Any range.


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