Nov. 4th, 2012

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Permissions for Janine at [community profile] distantskies.

Janine is psychic, but it's projecting-psychic, not receiving. She can't read minds and her powers are how she communicates. In canon she's only shown speaking to people and animals with a similar talent.

If your character is well and truly immune to psychic things, or if you'd just like her power not to work on them, please tell me. It will mean she can only talk to them through her daemon, Rontu-Aru. Or the PHP, though she's big enough that she has to get him to hit most of the buttons, anyway.

It is not a psychic skill, but Janine is observant and has an uncanny ability to pick up on subtle details about people, their emotions, if they're lying, and how they feel about each other just by watching. Of course, it's been about four years since she had people to use it on, so it's bound to be rusty. If you have anything about a character that Janine might pick up from looking at them, or if you'd rather she couldn't tell, I'd like to know.

Finally, she can sense other time travelers and time-travel-tastic items. If your character is or has such a thing, please tell me!


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